Thursday, March 22, 2012

Apron Update

While Mr. Curly was away this week, I decided to give the apron thing a try.  It helped that my mom sent me a new apron after reading last week's blog post (Thanks, Mom!)

So, Monday, after the shopping was done, I donned an apron and got to the day.  Monday was spotty - we were all tired from our trip, Mr. Curly had left for his trip at 6:00 that morning, and 3 of the 4 left in the house were either recovering from a sinus infection, starting a sinus infection, or in the middle of one.
The apron didn't seem to do much good.

But Tuesday?  Tuesday was spectacular.  I stayed on track, all my chores were done.  And I do have to say there is nothing more satisfying than taking an apron off at the end of the day when all the chores are done, and still having stain free clothes to relax in!  This is the day I decided I was going to have to make more aprons.  My relaxing time was SOOOOO much more relaxing.  I'm contributing it to the clothing change.  It made sense to wear something cute, because I knew when I went to my insurance meeting, answered the door, or set down to eat, my clothes would still be clean.

Wednesday was another very productive day.  And again, at the end of it, I hung up the apron and was extremely satisfied with where the time had gone.

So today, today when Mr. Curly arrives home, I will be in jeans and button-up, heels and apron, all ready to show him a clean  house, happy children, and hot dogs all ready to be roasted with my Dad.

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