Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mood Hairs

Growing up, my parents had a friend who changed her hair according to her mood. One day she'd be a brunette, next a blonde, she might have even had blue hair at one point. The only thing I remember about her is going to meet her at the mall one day. We wandered and circled for almost an hour when my little brother finally asked my parents what color her hair was that day and we realized we had no idea! We had probably passed her and didn't even know it, because we were looking for a blonde, but was she blonde that day?

I love my hair, but the curl pattern and my lack of skill with a blow dryer and other hair tools pretty much sticks me to a total of 2 different hair styles. Both of which I've worn since I was 12. I love pixie cuts, but forget about it (seriously, forget it,  I tried in once in a fit of frustration and a 100plus degree heat wave). And punked out spikes? AWESOME! But, yeah, no hair tool talent.

Mr. Curly prefers me to grow it out, which I've been trying for over a year now.   It gets SO HOT.  Last week in a fit of frustration I went to the bathroom and hacked some bangs in just to keep it off my face! Thankfully, they look alright, and blend nicely when I want them to.

Tonight I went to Walmart for chicken, and came home with this:

Last September I highlighted my hair blonde. In the spring, I did chunky violet lowlights and deep red highlights. Those highlights have faded and grown out.
So I impulsively tried Pepper Potts red hair.

Here's what I got:

As expected, it didn't turn out as bright red. But the dark somewhat faded brown my hair has become in recent years is now nicely shiny with a hint of red. (It is still damp from washing). I'm sure once it dries it will be lighter and more red and I know it will curl more!

Plus, I already have a plan for when this begins to grow out - deep burgundy. A hint of purple again will be nice. And my roots won't be as noticeable then.

I think I might be turning into that friend my parents used to have.....

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Curly Hair vs. Straight Hair

I had this conversation with Curly Girl last night:

CG (who had worn her hair down for the day, and we had spent a lot of time outside): Did you notice my hair today, Mom, when it was blowing in the wind?

Me: I noticed it looked very pretty.

CG: And straight

Me: well, yeah, because your hair is so long (it is now past her rear), it is heavy and pulls the curls out. And you brushed it a lot this morning, which is good.

CG: Well, yeah, but straight hair is beautiful. That's why I brushed the curls out.

Me - feeling a bit concerned: Don't you think curly hair is beautiful?

CG - picking up on the fact that she might have offended me - Mom, I like you, but I want my hair straight and beautiful.

Me: What?

CG: I LIKE YOU, but I want my hair STRAIGHT to be beautiful. Straight hair is beautiful.

Me: Curly hair can be beautiful too. It doesn't have to be crazy and wild like mine usually is.

CG: Your hair is fine. I want mine straight and beautiful.

Me with a sigh: Well, that is fine. But remember, what truly makes you beautiful is your personality, your attitude and how you treat people. God looks at your heart, not your hair. You know that, right?

CG: Yes, I know. (sighing herself like its an old lesson). But I still want my hair straight and beautiful.

Her braid was done, so she ran off at that point, leaving me, honestly, a little sad. And thinking maybe we should hack a foot of hair off her head so it would curl again and she could see it is beautiful that way too.  But I made a deal with her that if she brushed it and didn't cry when I fixed it, she wouldn't have to cut it. And she has honored that deal spectacularly, so I will too.

Maybe we just need to watch Brave again.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

"A Few of My Favorite Things" (School edition)

A new version (maybe, someone else probably did it first and better) because it is the most wonderful time of the year (after Christmas) - back to school shopping!

Notebooks and paper and pencils and rulers
Folders and binders and "these ones are cooler"
New tennis shoes that won't last until spring
These are a few of my favorite things

Fresh colored pencils and just the right scissors
Glue sticks and "no you do not need those stickers"
Princess t-shirts, Elsa's the brand new thing
These are a few of my favorite things

Boys in new jeans and iron man t-shirts
Girls with patterned tights under those cute skirts
These clothes definitely won't last until spring
These are a few of my favorite things!

When school starts, and the bell rings
When the weather's hot
I simply remember my favorite things
And hope the whole list was bought!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bee Slow, Bee Quiet

Mr. Curly is raising bees.  Yeah. Yeah, you read that right.  He has a few videos on youtube (or at least is working on getting them up there) calling himself the ignorant bee keeper.

Here's how it all went down:

We have some friends who noticed a lot of bee activity outside their house. And then a buzzing in the walls. And then stains leaking through the old lathe & plaster walls (they live in an old farm house a little bit out of town).

They had to abandon a room due to the bees.

So Mr. Curly did a lot of studying and researching, built a hive with his dad, and went and pulled bees out of the walls and floors and ceiling. They were EVERYWHERE.

But now the house is bee free, and we have lots of honey and beeswax to use.

Somehow, there was no queen (this swarm had split once before and we think something traumatic happened to any new queen they would've had), so we bought one.  Who even knew you could do that?!

The kids are FASCINATED by the bees.  They repeat the rules to me often - be quiet, be slow - and then go sneak up to the hive and the observation window to see what they can see.

Honestly, they give me the hee-bee-jee-bees (hahahahahaha).
But, bees, yeah, we raise them now.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy with my Magic Number

One of my friends just had a baby.  We went and visited her and her newest little in the hospital and for the first time EVER, holding a newborn didn't make me want a new one.

Maybe it is because we had had a particularly awesome day.

My three little Curly's had cleaned their rooms to the point where I could actually vacuum without me standing over them or yelling, I just got to praise them (2 beans in ALL the jars!).

They voluntarily played in our yard for 2 hours without coming in and out or begging me to push them on the swing again and again and again.  They blew bubbles and made up games and just had a great time.  Came in all grimy and starving just in time for lunch - WHICH THEY ACTUALLY ATE.

They got along during quiet time, doing worksheets to help prepare for school (which is coming up SO fast) and stayed there until I said they could be free.
Then we went to the ice cream park.  This park is huge and awesome, mostly because they can run everywhere and I can sit on a bench and crochet.  Which is what I did.

For over an hour, my three played together, following my guidance of ignoring the nasty-talking 5th graders who were running around.
As I sat and watched them play, I thanked God for my THREE.  With three, they have all learned to play with kids of varying age and skill levels without leaving anyone out.  They've learned to share and have to wait an "extra" turn out while the other two do something. They've learned sometimes kids who are playing alone don't really want to be alone, but sometimes they do.
(A new little girl showed up and Curly Girl was trying to make friends with her.  The girl finally said "would you please leave me alone, I'm trying to find my friends." I held my breath to see Curly Girl's response, she adores making new friends and is hurt when others won't play with her.  I shouldn't have worried. She turned to her brothers and said "She just wants some alone time, let's go." And moved along.)

Plus, I got really great pictures like this:
(Curly Boy was taking Not Curly to the "secret entrance" into the playset)

So yeah, that's probably why that new little baby didn't fill me with feelings of longing.  I've got three little perfects to fill me up right here.