Spiritual Gift Assessment

See the post "The Seven Gifts" posted Sept. 22, 2010 for explanation of this assessment.

Circle the top TWO statements in each section that you feel best describes you.

1. I am direct, frank, and persuasive in speaking and giving advice.

2. I notice practical needs of others and do what I can to meet them.

3. I want to make sure that statements about faith are accurate.

4. I am able to verbally encourage those who are spiritually troubled.

5. I give money and I do not want others to know.

6. I am willing to endure criticism to get a task done.

7. I avoid conflict and confrontations.


1. Choices and actions are seen as black and white, right or wrong.

2. I am willing to neglect my own work to help someone else.

3. I enjoy analyzing God’s Word and gaining as much knowledge as possible.

4. I have a deep desire to encourage people to grow spiritually.

5. I have an ability to make wise purchases or investments.

6. I am able to easily delegate to others.

7. I easily sense when people have hurt feelings.


1. I am willing to do right even if it means suffering.

2. I enjoy serving and staying in the background.

3. I check out the truth of what other say before accepting it.

4. I easily see potential in other people.

5. I enjoy a simple lifestyle.

6. I see the big picture and can visualize the final result before a project begins.

7. I seem to attract people with problems.

1. I would rather be alone, than with others who do not uphold what is right.

2. I can’t say no and often get exhausted from being so busy helping others.

3. I like to present my arguments in logical order.

4. People come to me for encouragement and advice.

5. I enjoy supporting the ministries of others.

6. I often initiate ideas or activities in a group.

7. I am easily wounded.


1. I say things I believe are God’s truth and find it sometimes irritates people.

2. I do not mind routine tasks.

3. I like to research and enjoy digging out the facts of the Bible.

4. I enjoy relating examples from my own experience and expect people to follow my advice.

5. When I give to a worthy cause, I want to feel part of it with follow up.

6. I naturally gravitate to a leadership position – people ask me to lead.

7. I go out of my way to help the hurting and feel great empathy for them.


1._____ 2._____ 3._____ 4. ______ 5. _______ 6. ______ 7. _______