Thursday, September 11, 2014

Understanding Historical Perspective

Such an intriguing title, isn't it?  Sounds boring, I know, but stick with me here.

I'm sure a million bloggers will blog about 9/11 today. Its been all over Facebook.

But I had a new thought about it today - well, new for me.

I was lying in bed, telling myself I really really needed to get up, when the radio turned back on. The dj was in the middle of "this day in history", and specifically, in the middle of reading a blurb about 9/11. There was no silent moment of remembrance, no emotion really, just a guy reading a paragraph like it was something that happened too long ago for anyone to remember. The next blurb was something that happened over 100 years ago.

I was indignant. How dare they read over something so monumental as the attacks on 9/11 like it wasn't important?! I remember that day! There had been other tragedies in America since I was born, other wars, but that was the first BIG one I experienced and remember. And their reading made it seem like nothing.

Then I thought - I wonder if that is how our veterans who were at Pearl Harbor, or Normandy Beach feel when their days roll around. We mention it on the news, read a little blurb, but there are a whole lot of Americans who didn't really experience that.  Do they feel like we don't give it enough serious thought? Do they feel glossed over?

I had one particular history professor that spoke a lot about historical perspective and bias. Everyone looks at history differently, based on their own personal experience.

I didn't know anybody lost in the 9/11 attacks, I suffered no personal loss. So my remembrance is not as poignant as some people's. But it is no less important.

My kids don't really get this day- they weren't even born yet, they weren't even thought of yet, Mr. Curly and I weren't even dating yet!
But I'm going to work on that. Because nobody should be made to feel that a major tragedy doesn't matter.

So on our next big remembrance day, try to see the day from the POV of someone who has been there.  I know I will try.

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