Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Up the river without a paddle

Sharing time!  Things I'm struggling with this week....

That it is warm, but not warm enough to break out the shorts for my kids.  (Though I am incredibly grateful they have enough clothes to cover them for a week or two before I have to do laundry)

Getting everything done before I leave on my trip (But I have great friends and a great husband who are doing all they can to help me with this last minute stuff)

That I don't have money to go buy a new shirt for the skirt I made myself, or even material to make that shirt and that the shirt I spent THREE HOURS on totally won't work (Though, once again, thanks to an awesome friend, I do have a great dress to wear to a wedding.  And I guess I'm also thankful for the husband who pointed out that I put myself in a Project Runway challenge for no reason.)

That I can't just put a PAY ME button on the side of my blog like some blogs I read and beg for money every time something unexpected goes wrong that takes money to fix (Though I am struggling with this, I can also lists tons of ways God has fixed things without me begging anyone for money, and sometimes in ways that didn't even need money.  But the irritation is still there, I'm working on it)

You know what I am NOT struggling with this week?
  1. Reading my Bible every day.
  2. Enjoying Prayer time.
  3. LOVING the daily walks as I deliver newspapers.
  4. Playing in our cleaned-up yard (Thank you, Mr. Curly!)
  5. Going to visit my brother and his family AND getting to attend the wedding of a friends I've known for 21 years (yes, we met when we were VERY young)
  6. Staying within our grocery budget and even getting to buy some fun foods to travel with.
  7. The fact that the YAY list is longer than the NAY list, and the NAY list has a good point to every bad point.

So what about you?  What struggles do you have?  What NON-struggles can you thank God for this week?

Spring is coming - see God's wonders everywhere!

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