Monday, November 7, 2011

The Great Food Challenge Returns!

Remember when I was challenging us to live off of $50 worth of groceries a week?  And then I took a break?

Well, the challenge is back!

A lot has changed financially since we first started this challenge.  Some changes were good, some were bad, some.... well, the jury is still out on some.
Since August we've been budgeting $75/week for food and necessities (notice I said budgeting and not actually spending).

Thursday night, Mr. Curly and I went over our finances again and have decided to reinstate the food challenge. 
So today, armed with $100 cash, I am going to buy groceries that are intended to last us 2 weeks.  Mr. Curly's statement is "We have $100, if we spend it all and run out of something, well, we just do without.  A fast might be good for us."
This means that when I go shopping today, I'm only spending $85 max.  That ensures I have $15 for milk and bread the second week (we spend at least $10/week on milk).

I'll let you know how it goes.  Wish me luck!

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Rachel said...

Totally doable! :) We lived off our pantry/fridge/freezer/linen closet stockpile for a few months (only buying fresh type foods when we needed them) Our stockpile got loooowwww in many areas and so we are back to couponing. My plan is to do a challenge in December or January just eating from our "stockpile"---I could use the motivation to get creative with recipes! I hear you on milk though, so outrageous! Do you have an aldi's or anything of the sort nearby? They sell milk for $1.99/gallon here.