Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Your nose is broken.

Oh flu shots.

Did you know, quick fact here, I NEVER got a flu shot until Curly Girl was born?  And then, I *had* to, because I was nursing an infant.  And I swore then, that night, when I was sick in the bathroom with a 1 month old that needed to eat and I couldn't even set up, that I would never get a flu shot again.

And then I got one the next year, because I was pregnant.  And the next year, because Curly Boy was too young for one. And then I was pregnant again.

But this was supposed to be my year!  My doctor was delaying flu shots until November, Curly Baby was not only old enough, but certainly weighted enough to take his own shot.  And I had to go be one of those "I think I'll keep nursing" moms, and so, I *had* to get a flu shot.

So last Friday, Curly Baby and I received flu shots and Curly Boy received the flu mist.  (Curly Girl and Mr. Curly are scheduled for this Friday due to vaccinations and other such issues, they couldn't last Friday).
And Saturday night, as I set nursing Curly Baby, it was all I could do not to plop him in his crib and race for the bathroom.

I got the flu from the flu shot.  Again.  For the fourth year in a row.

It'd be one thing if it was a broken nose, that gives you character. And people understand it.  But the flu from a flu shot?  Its ridiculous!

Rotten sleep Saturday because I was sick (and my arm was killing me).  Rotten sleep Sunday because Curly Baby just couldn't sleep.  He cried for absolutely no reason, being held or not, he was up every other hour, but didn't want to nurse (a first), he was just unhappy.  I'm blaming a delayed reaction to the flu shot.  He's a lot like me in other ways, he might have gotten that too.

But next year - next year is my year!  No babies, no nursing, all the kids can have their own - Next year I'm relying on my own immune system to keep that flu away.

Wish me luck.

Post Title from Rocky.

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Kammie said...

I totally understand. I quit getting flu shots because I had such a bad reaction. I'd get more sick off the shot than I would if I didn't get it and caught the flu. As soon as I was out of my parents' house (meaning my mother couldn't force me to get one), I never got another.