Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When Mama prays....

I first heard the song "When Mama Prayed" when Randy Travis sang it. (Side Note: I used to have a huge crush on Randy Travis, which is why I almost immediately liked Josh Turner).

I hope someday my kids can say that of me - that I was such a prayer warrior it was obvious I had been praying.  As it is, my nightly prayer has been something like this:

God, I can't believe its 8:30 and I'm still working.  I've been working all day.  I've cleaned, I've cooked, I've changed diapers, and now that the kids are finally in bed, I STILL have work to do before I can sit down and relax.  And look at *enter whoever I'm envious of at the moment name here*.  There they sit, enjoying their evening, and I'm still working. 

Last night, God checked me.  And I had the sudden thought "I could be doing all those chores I've worked on all day after 5:30 when I got home from work.  I could've missed Curly Baby's laugh, Curly Boy's game, Curly Girl's story, because I was at work."

Aren't you glad God gives us a reality check once in awhile?  I'm thankful that this latest check was just a gentle voice, a small nudge in my soul that I listened to.

And my prayer turned to this:

Thank you, Jesus, that I had time to make Curly Baby laugh, play games with Curly Boy and listen to Curly Girl's story.  Thank you that I had time to organize a corner of the house far too often ignored, that my children ate their supper willingly and then thanked me for the food.  Thank you that my husband spent time with his children before I trucked them off to the bathroom.  Thank you for allowing me to be at home during these years.  Help me be a godly example of what people should be.  Help me teach my children balance between work and play, and how to handle things when they don't go exactly as planned.  Thank you for your many blessings.  Help me see them clearer every day.

My prayer for us all is that we may be an example to the world of what a Christ-follower can be - of how joyful and hopeful life can be, even in the darkest of times.
God bless us, every one.

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