Thursday, November 10, 2011

It didn't hit the fan, exactly.....

*Disclaimer - this post is all about baby's diapers.  If you don't want to read about it, or are eating, or have a weak stomach, this may not be the post for you.*

I actually was up and showered by 7:00 yesterday morning.  By 7:15, Mr. Curly was making my breakfast (he likes bacon and eggs over easy and I can't cook eggs over easy, so he does breakfast.).

And Curly Boy woke up and the fun began.  He had filled his diaper.  Filled it to the point that it was all over his pajama pants, and even his shirt.
So we go to the bathroom, we wash off, we put on a clean diaper, we spray the dirty diaper and cover, put that in the diaper laundry bag.  We take all the towels from the bathroom (because it is Wednesday, bathroom cleaning day, and I might as well get a headstart on my weekend laundry) along with his pjs and throw them in the washing machine.  I strip his bedding, and that will be washed next.

Side note: My laundry day is Saturday.  Lately, it has been taking Saturday-Monday to get everything washed, dried, folded and put away.  So doing 2 or 3 loads on Wednesday might be helpful.  Right?

We have breakfast, and Curly Baby wakes up.  He has a poopy diaper too.  Not near as bad as Curly Boy's though, so really, it's no big deal.  I get his jammies off, get the poopy diaper off and lay him on the floor to air out while I take his messy diaper to the bathroom to spray down and put in the diaper laundry bag (which I've now decided will have to be washed today too).

I go back to the boys's room to strip his bedding, because he had cut his ear open during the night and there was a bit of blood on the mattress cover, and I might as well wash it with Curly Boy's stuff.  I smell it before I see it.  Poop, a huge mess of it, all over the floor.  And this wasn't the easy "Dog had an accident so Mr. Curly gets to grab a roll of toilet paper to clean it up" poop.  No, this was "I'm mainly nursing, but last night mom decided to feed me green beans" poop. 

To Curly Baby's credit, he wasn't playing in it, he was trying to crawl out of it.  Which of course, in his army crawl, rocking sort of way, meant he was now covered in it as well.  I utter a mental prayer that I'm glad I told the dog to stay out of that room, pick up Curly Baby under the arms, and carry him to the tub.  Curly Boy closes the bedroom door for me and proceeds to tell everyone in the house (including the turtles) to "get out of my room." (He learned that phrase from Curly Girl)

I get Curly Baby cleaned up.  Since he hasn't eaten breakfast and I know his bladder is empty, I put him on the dining room floor with his towel and blanket and tell him to stay put.  I get out our Bissell Little Green Spot cleaner (SO glad Mr. Curly asked for that for Christmas one year), fill it with soap and water and head to the boys's room.  To discover they don't have a grounded outlet in their room (old house).  So I find an extension cord, plug it into the bathroom outlet, plug in the carpet cleaner, go to turn it on - nothing.  Realize I need to turn on the bathroom light for that particular outlet to work, do that while grumbling, and get back into the boys's room.  Finally, the machine turns on.  I soak the carpet in soap and water, I clean up the mess.  I unplug the machine and put it in the tub, I'll clean it out later.

I grab Curly Baby's clothes and clean diaper and find him under the dining room table, his towel still on his head, far from his blanket, but (thankfully) no messes to be cleaned up!

And this was all before 8:15.

Just a little something cute to make it better.

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