Monday, November 14, 2011

Julia Childs would starve

Well, we've made it through Week One of the Great Food Budget Challenge (here on referred to a the GFBC).  The Challenge?  Two weeks worth of groceries on $100.

We have $10 cash left, though Mr. Curly did buy a loaf of bread and a box of off-brand cheerios with the debit card on Friday.  $10 cash left to buy us milk, eggs, and probably more bread for the next week.
But I do have bread flour, so we can make bread, and eggs are pretty cheap.  In fact, I think I saw them on sale in the Hyvee circular.  I should check that out.

Anyway.  What we ate Week One:
Baked Cod & Cottage Fries
Baked Ziti
Baked Potatoes (there's a whole lotta baking going on, huh?)
DQ & Taco Bell*
Chicken Fajitas

What is planned for Week Two?
Porcupine Stew (not actual porcupine)
Steak & Potatoes
Chicken & Dumplings
Chicken Bowtie Pasta
Soup & Rice
Steak & Pasta
Frozen Pizza
Burritos, or Tostadas (depending on the tortilla solution)

See how we have more planned than there are days to make supper?  That's a good thing, right?  We hope so anyway.

*Friday night was supposed to be dinner with friends, which they were graciously going to provide.  And then illness hit their family, so we had to improvise.  Yes, we had frozen pizza in the freezer, but we had made home-made pizza on Thursday.  Yes, we had chili in the freezer, but it was 5:30 on the warmest day in two weeks and chili just didn't sound right.  Yes, we could've had burritos, but then we wouldn't have tortillas for the fajitas on Saturday.  So the kids and I shared a chicken strip basket from DQ, and Mr. Curly ate from Taco Bell.
Also, this coming Friday is "The Annual Decorating for Christmas" night, and it is tradition to order pizza.  We have yet to decide if we're going to actually order pizza, or if we'll eat our frozen pizza.  I suppose we'll decide that night.

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