Monday, February 21, 2011

My hat's stuck

I have looked everywhere for a bring-me-home hat for Curly Baby to absolutely no avail. We found a cute little outfit at Target, we have lots of baby socks, but I really wanted him to have his own hat. The other two Curly Kids have had their own hats and outfits, he should to.

So, I made one. I bought a thermal shirt at the dollar store, pulled out an old t-shirt that had been consigned to the re-use-me-please pile and got to work.

Here it is:

And here it is standing up.

For some reason, it is ridiculously hard to photograph a hat. And I obviously need to find a better place for it. Maybe I should have used one of Curly Girl's dolls to model?

Anyway, I showed it to Mr. Curly who said "Well, if it fits Curly Boy, it should be fine." But Curly Boy is almost 2 (a fact that seriously makes me want to cry. Where is my baby!?). And it is roughly the same size as the other baby hats my Curly Kids had.

So we'll see. If it doesn't fit, it only cost $1. If it does, great! PLUS, I get to mark another project off my list!

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