Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mmmmm, fresh baked bread.

It has become a tradition in the past few months, that I bake some sort of bread treat for Sunday morning breakfast. Either marshmallow cinnamon biscuits (the alien biscuits from Christmas time) or a sweet quick bread or muffin.
Usually, this comes from a box mix and I bake it on Saturday afternoon.

This weekend, while I still baked on Saturday afternoon, I tried something from scratch. This blueberry-orange bread recipe from Southern Foods.

(Now you know my handwriting and the fact that I knew I would want to blog about this before I even began....)
It was AMAZING!! Now, I didn't use orange zest, I bought orange extract (ok, ok, I bought imitation orange flavoring, but we have limited availability in Iowa!).

The batter was more cake than bread, which is to be expected.

And it smelled good, even before it started cooking.
The glaze was heavenly.

It is definitely a keeper of a recipe!

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