Friday, February 4, 2011

Sewing/Craft Projects

So, for some sort of accountability, I am hereby officially posting the list of sewing/craft projects I want to complete by April 1. We'll see how I do.

  1. Cloth Diapers - Tiny Size! Using this tutorial found on Dianna's Journal, I will use my scrap cloth and fleece and old towels and whip up some diapers for Curly Baby. This way, if I just hate cloth diapering, I didn't spend any money!
  2. Easter Clothes - This is actually 4 outfits I want to make. 2 vests and pants combo's, one in NB size, one in 24 month size for Curly Boy and Baby. 1 pretty long-sleeved Easter dress for Curly Girl. I'm considering this pattern by Simplicity - love the frills and flounces and options! And then either a skirt/top combo for me, or just an easy, springy a-line dress I can put a belt on. I'll be just post-baby by Easter (unless Curly Baby surprises us all and is over a week late), so I have to keep that in mind.
  3. Granny-Square Slippers found on Purl Bee. I want a pair of these for at the hospital. They're just funky, and since I only know a granny-square crochet pattern - perfect for me to branch out from blankets!
  4. Baby hat! I can't find a baby hat for Curly Baby ANYwhere! We've bought the bring me home outfit, but hats are escaping us. I'm sure Curly Boy has some he never wore, but I don't know what size they are and my children tend to have larger-than-average heads.
  5. Baby Sling - for church use. While it's only a 50 foot walk to the church's front door in IA, trying to carry an infant, a "keep me busy" bag, and get Curly Girl and Boy to walk at a normal pace is a bit daunting. Not to mention the wrangling of Curly Girl and Boy while in church. I'm hoping a nice homemade sling (there are a million patterns out there, I'm currently considering a maya wrap, or a take on the seven everyday sling, or, even more simple - a nice 5 yd long piece of knit jersey to tie like a moby wrap!).
  6. Small toy organizer! Based off the fabric over the door shoe organizers, I plan on making 2. One for Curly Boy's cars, and one for Curly Girl's ponies. Those are the two things that end up everywhere and drive me crazy. Maybe a little organization, and a little prompting from Mama and Daddy to put them away when they're done, will save some feet!

So, I have 7 weekends to complete 6 (well, maybe 10 if you count them individually) sewing/crafting projects. The nice thing is, I can make the slippers while in SD! And if I don't get the organizers done, or a dress for me, it's no big deal.

Don't you just love how I'm already rationalizing away the list?

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