Thursday, February 3, 2011

She's going to love sleep-overs....

Tuesday night, well, I guess technically, Wednesday morning (it was 3:45), I heard Curly Girl start to cry. Since I wasn't really asleep, I didn't wait as long as I normally would to see if she would just go back to sleep or if she really needed something.
I went in to her room, found her sleepy bear, covered her up. The crying stopped, but before I could leave she said "I miss you. I have to go potty."
So we got out of bed and used the bathroom and went back to bed, no problems.

15 minutes later she was crying again. This time, I found her sitting up in bed. "I want to sleep with you." She said. I suggested I lay down with her, since Mr. Curly was sound asleep in our room and she agreed.

So, for about 30 minutes, I laid next to my daughter, who pushed my hair off my face, pulled the covers over my arms, gave me a bear to sleep with and then pretended to snore and be asleep. After 30 minutes, I REALLY needed to switch sides I was laying on, but Curly Girl had just snuggled up to me and I thought she would actually go to sleep. I squirmed. She turned towards me and giggled.

I couldn't help but giggle as well. Then I whispered "I really need to go back to my own bed now, ok? But you go to sleep and I'll see you in the morning."
She replied "Ok. Good night, Momma. I love you." and I slipped away to my own room.

I have the best little girl ever.

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