Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sleeping with a clown above my bed....

Curly Boy has been moved to his big boy bed! At least on the weekends.

On Saturday, we picked up his new twin-sized mattress, set up the bed frame, made a big deal over the sheets and new comforter, made sure the railing was in correctly, and dropped him on the new bouncy mattress..

He LOVED it! Immediately grabbed his army blanket from Nanny (it's become a favorite recently), his pillow and bear and laughed and giggled as he got all comfy.

Of course, he wouldn't nap on Saturday, but he enjoyed figuring out how to climb up and slide down out of it. Saturday night he went to bed early due to extreme fussiness and didn't wake up until almost 8:30 Sunday morning! And was happy and excited!

Thankfully when we got back to SD he didn't throw a fit about his crib, but I'm pretty sure he'll be REALLY excited to see the big boy bed again this next weekend.

Now we just need a mattress pad (I only bought a waterproof protector and think he needs a waterproof pad to be comfy) and an extra set of sheets and we're in business!

I think I even found some really cute fabric to do curtains (nice tan tones, with blue flecks and tractors, cars and planes all over it. Awesome!).

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Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

What a big step! So glad that it went smoothly...I am starting to wonder when we are going to move my little man out of our bed and into his own. I am not seeing it happening anytime soon though...haha.