Friday, February 18, 2011

Would you buy this?

So I'm thinking of an etsy shop. I know, everyone has an etsy shop. It's not an original idea.

And that's what stops me most days. I'm not a horribly creative person. I can use other people's ideas marvelously, and I'm pretty good at cutting corners on projects to make something easier. But I don't very often have an original idea of something to create.

And these are not original:

See that? That's my big idea. A washcloth. HOWEVER, this washcloth is made from upcycled onsies, hand embroidered, and trimmed with handmade bias tape.

This is a proto-type. I already have 3 things I would do differently to make it nicer. And I have four other sayings.

But the question is - would it sell?

So I put it out to you - Would you buy this? Let's say you have a friend having a baby and you want to get them something useful. Kids are messy, washcloths are useful. But it needs to be useful and handmade so that they know you put thought into it, so you head to etsy.
Out of the 58 results given by searching "washcloth" - would a set of, say, 5 of these, appeal to you? And what would you be willing to pay?

Let me know what you think. Brutal honesty is appreciated. :)


Anonymous said...


I think these are a good idea. I think the bias tape will need to be straight and the cloth more squared. People like to buy things that are homemade but they don't want it to look homemade.

Practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect...if I practice then perfect I will be. (remember the song?)

Keep practicing!!! You are doing great!

Curly-T said...

I agree on the counts of bias tape and squared cloth. I need to buy new blades for my roller cutter, and figure out how to properly sew on bias tape (it may be handmade, but I did use the sewing machine) and I think those two things would help tremendously!

Rachel said...

For me, price would be the deciding factor. I don't mind for things to look homeade if the price matches, make sense?

I probably wouldn't buy washcloths...but that's just because I've been making my own sort of wipe/washcloths for Lucy....and if I can figure how to do something on my own, or get it for free--I won't spend any money.