Thursday, February 17, 2011

He used to wet his combinations.....

The cloth diaper project has begun! Number of diapers made from this Ottobre pattern - 1.

Yeah, one won't get me far, I know. But it needs some tweaking. Here's the diaper (made from an old college t-shirt, how awesome is that?)

It is basically a contoured pre-fold diaper with velcro added for closures. As with most of my projects, I followed the pattern and half of the directions. Which means there are no little pockets for the hard side of the velcro.

Don't you just love the brown carpet? It's my new dining room carpet and is actually much lighter than that, but doesn't photograph well, in any light.

There is an issue though - this is the "newborn to 6 month" size. Now, granted, I still need to add the elastic in the legs (I didn't have enough to do this step and want to make sure I get some super comfy soft elastic for it). But I tend to have skinny kids, and I'm pretty sure this diaper would fit my 3.5 year old 30 lb. Curly Girl.

Still, it was super easy, and I think I could make 2-3 an hour. Which means if I want 20, it shouldn't take me more than 10 hours to do. That's not so bad considering how much money it would save!

The next challenge for me will be some sort of diaper cover. My plan was to use flannel-backed vinyl tablecloths, but I'm having trouble finding them, and am unsure of a pattern for this as well.

And then of course, the laundry. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of doing laundry more than once a week....

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