Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our love day....

This was the first year Curly Girl understood Valentine's day. And so, this was the first day Mr. Curly and I really did anything for Valentine's day since she was born (I'll explain that later).

Anyway, after a delicious dinner of fajitas last night (thank you, Mr. Curly!), we opened Valentine's. I made the Curly kids those granny square slippers I mentioned here. No, I still don't have a pair made for me, and no, I didn't put them together quite the same way as the tutorial, but they came out super cute and the kids loved them.

Mr. Curly got Curly Girl a card and chocolate, and I bought Curly Boy a card and chocolate. They both greatly enjoyed their treats!

I received some very sweet cards and a box of Belgian Truffles (YUM).

Sadly, Mr. Curly's gifts from the Curly Kids were left in Iowa. But, he did receive some chocolate and a bar of shaving soap along with a message in a bottle from me (he has purchased several straight razors to shave with, so the shaving soap was a nice gift).

And then, last night, Mr. Curly and I had this conversation. Mr. Curly apologized for not doing something bigger, something more romantic. I told him it was no big deal. We haven't really celebrated Valentine's day since Curly Girl was born, due to the move, lack of babysitters, lack of funds, etc. Plus, I kind of feel the people that do something huge (expensive dinner, lavish gifts, lots of candy, flowers, etc.) on just one day, are missing it. They think that Valentine's Day is THE day to show love, and I sometimes wonder if they ever tell their families/significant others they love them in any other way on any other day.

And Mr. Curly does. He does something every single day that lets me know how much he loves me.

So while Valentine's day is a nice special day, I don't need anything big. I was happy with my little family celebration. Because I see every day how much Mr. Curly and the Curly Kids love me, and I hope they see every day how much I love them.

Though there is this opinion (brought to you from an old high school friend) "I show my girl I love her every day, Valentine's Day is the day I get to go entirely overboard with it."

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