Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taming of the Frizz

Usually in my Taming of the Frizz I try to offer some sort of Biblical lesson I've been taught, a scripture of encouragement, or share what I've been dealing with.

Honestly, I'm still dealing with the junk drawer question. From this baby update, you know that I had my thyroid tested because of some extreme emotional issues that I just felt were way beyond my control.
The thyroid tests came back normal, but now I'm waking up at night, hearing babies crying while my children are sound asleep. That is just WEIRD.

It is a little frightening to watch these symptoms roll through me, all attributed to stress, and wonder what they are doing to Curly Baby. There are too many studies available online that discuss stress, pre-natal health and post-natal concerns and they don't take away from my worries.

And so with that over-share, this frizz post is simply to ask for prayer. Mr. Curly and I have some big decisions to make (only 11.5 more weeks before Curly Baby's due date as of the posting of this). Decisions regarding our house, our insurance, our jobs....
None of the decisions will be easy, they all affect our family in rather profound ways.

And so, if you think of us, if you could send up a little prayer for our family, it would be more greatly appreciated than I can ever express.
Today I pray that each of you feel God's hand in your lives in a real and tangible way, that He blesses you so obviously you can't help but stop and sing His praise.

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Mrs. Shafer said...

Isn't it crazy how our minds go a bit off the deep end during pregnancy?
We're praying for all of you and all of the stress that has entered your life.