Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's NOT do the potty dance

See the potty dance here.

Now, I am all for music in teaching children and creative new ways to encourage a child to be potty trained, but that thing just annoys me.
As do potties that sing, make noises, or do other un-toilety like things.

However, Curly Boy has decided that he needs to sit on the potty each time Curly Girl does, so our trainer potty is back out from storage.
It has brought along with it some interesting issues.

The first night Curly Boy used his "big boy in training" potty, Curly Girl threw a fit because I wouldn't allow her to use it. I tried reasoning. "But you use the big potty. This is just a little baby potty."
With tears in her eyes, she assured me that it was a "HUGE baby potty" and she NEEDED to use it.
"But if you use it, then you're just going to have to dump it all by yourself. Isn't it easier just to use the big potty and flush?"
"The flushing scares me!" - This logic is only partially true. Toilets with lids that close and are manually flush are fine in Curly Girl's book. In public restrooms, if the toilet has a lid, her next step is to check for a handle. If it is an automatically flushing toilet, even while she tells me "The potty won't hurt me" she refuses to use it. It makes travelling interesting.
Since it was bedtime, I just let the argument go, hoping I'd come up with some better reasoning later.
As far as I know, she hasn't asked to use the "huge baby potty" since.

As all good parents, we bribe our children to use the trainer potty. Curly Girl was always rewarded with chocolate milk. Curly Boy is a little bit more difficult. We've settled on banana flavored cookies (a little more pricey than I would like, but something I know he loves).
Only now, every time Curly Boy successfully uses the potty and gets a cookie, Curly Girl wants to successfully go to the bathroom and get a cookie as well.
So far, Curly Boy's success has been sporadic, so distracting Curly Girl from a treat hasn't been horrible, but we are preparing for the worst.

Right now we are offering Curly Girl a reward if she does the potty thing completely alone - this includes setting up her step stool, the potty seat, taking care of her clothes, cleaning her bottom, washing her hands.... If she can do all this, then she gets a reward. This actually is a step for her, because we generally help her with the clothes, the cleaning and getting on and off the toilet.

Does that seem like it would work? I don't read parenting books for a reason (which could cover several blog posts), so all comments are greatly appreciated!

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