Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why Vacuums Don't Suck

Vacuuming is my least favorite chore. Which is why I constantly ask Mr. Curly to help me pull up carpet and refinish the hardwood floors in our house.

We did that in SD. When we first pulled up the carpet I was confused as to why the edges of the room had smaller, nicer finished boards than the middle of the room did.
I soon realized the answer - carpets.

Whoever built our SD house had money - even the woodwork inside the closets was trimmed out nicely and stained, a sure sign of money in houses from the early 1900s. And whoever built it put carpet in their formal room.

Only, I'm pretty sure there were no vacuum cleaners at the time. If I remember my Victorian home history, these houses would've just had carpet tacked down in the middle of a room. Tacked down, so that it could be pulled up, taken out to the clothes line, and have all the dirt and junk beat out of it.

So yeah, I hate vacuuming, but when I think about having to drag carpet outside to beat it clean, vacuums don't really suck.

But I'm still not going to stop asking Mr. Curly to pull up our carpets, even if it is just to do this:

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