Monday, December 9, 2013

It's now or never....tomorrow will be too late

I learned a little lesson about delayed gratification over Thanksgiving break,

I had been saving since June for an ipad. But Black Friday deals convinced me to buy a laptop and use my Apple card for a new phone instead.  Through one thing and another, I ended up with a tablet (which I adore!!).

BUT, I still don't have a new iphone.  Because in order to get the promotional price, I have to be ready for an upgrade, which, won't happen until my birthday this summer.

Yep.  In order to get my "free" phone (because my gift card will just cover the promotional price, and Mr. Curly somehow worked a deal for it in the first place), I have to wait, more, again.

I have to say, I was pretty bummed about it.  But I had just spent my money on a tablet.  And I had only planned on getting one new tech toy - an ipad.  So really, it was ok that I have to wait for my new iphone.  Its okay that I only got what I was saving for.

And this summer, when I not only get a birthday gift, but also a new phone - well, that's going to be awesome!!!

I was watching "Love It or List It" today and one of the couples said "If we can't get what we want right now, lets just go buy something new."

Wow.  Really?  These people were dropping $60,000 on a remodel for a house that they weren't even sure they wanted, for a house they'd rather replace with something new, right now, before the remodel was even completed.

Delayed gratification is not an easy thing.  There have been many times when I've put a purchase on a credit card because I just plain didn't want to wait.  Most the time, I've regretted it when the credit card bill came in!

I have to remind myself, and I have to teach my children, that while Elvis is a legend, he was not always right.  It isn't now or never, tomorrow won't be too late.  Some things are worth waiting for.  And while that may mean keeping a iphone 3GS for another 6 months, or living in a house that is less than perfect while you remodel, in the end, I think it will be worth it.

Post Title from Elvis "It's Now or Never"

And while I'm at delaying gratification, there are only 15 days 'til Christmas!!

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