Friday, December 6, 2013

It's the most wonderful movie of the year

Some people have a song for everything, or a book they like to read during certain times of life, I have movies.

Mr. Curly and I can quote Tommy Boy in almost every situation in life.  It's a nice reminder of old friends and happy times, and it is just so quotable!!

But I also have movies for life situations.  When I want something classic and funny and romantic and historical, I watch Stephen Sommers The Mummy.
When I want a fantastical adventure, I watch The Princess Bride (or I read it, the book is marvelous).
When life is just really really hard, but I'm sure God has to be somewhere, I watch Facing the Giants.
And when I want to punch someone in the face, I watch Office Space.

But it is now Christmas time, and time for classic movies you don't watch 11 months out of the year to be dragged out and watched over and over and over again.
My all time favorite Christmas movie is It's A Wonderful Life.

It is so stinkin' depressing!  So when you're not feeling that great about the holidays, curl up with a snack and have a good cry with Jimmy Stewart. Rail at Mr. Potter.  And maybe don't watch the end.

But it is also amazingly redeeming. So when you're in a fantastic Christmas spirit, make some hot cocoa, gather some friends, and celebrate the love we can find in this world.  And watch the end over and over and over again.  And ignore Potter, he'll get his in the end.

It is really just all together perfect for every feeling you can have at Christmas time.

It's also the reason I have a cheap dollar store bell hanging near the top of my tree.

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