Thursday, December 19, 2013

Caterpillar Crunching

We learned when Curly Boy was about 18 months old, that night terrors are common in men on Mr. Curly's side of the family.
Curly Boy had them for several months, and still does. Though now they usually come when he's going through a growth spurt, had a traumatic event (tonsil surgery), or we've been travelling for awhile.

Not-Curly (my new name for Curly Baby aka Curly Boy 2, since his hair is decidedly NOT curly, unless it is long enough to mistake him for a girl) has had one or two episodes, but last night was a new one.

Last night around 11 Not-Curly came in asking to sleep with us.  I let him into bed for about a minute, then took him back to bed, sang is lullaby and kissed him good night.  Not 10 minutes later, he was back in my room asking to sleep with me again.  When I said we all had to sleep in our own beds, he answered "No, sleep on couch with you."
I thank goodness for his verbal skills, because when I asked why he didn't want to be in his own bed he said it was because of the caterpillars.

I recruited Mr. Curly's help at this time, since he was still awake.  We took Not-Curly back to his room, where Mr. Curly crunched up all the invisible caterpillars that were on his bed.  We sang and prayed with Not-Curly and went back to bed.

He didn't have the greatest night, but I was thankful that going along with the idea that his bed was full of caterpillars helped him calm down and get back to sleep.

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