Monday, September 9, 2013

So much older than you feel.....

1.  Emo-punk rock music from the early 2000's about how bad life is, and how you feel like such a loser?  That stuff makes you happy.

2.  When you type in a teenage age on tumblr it automatically puts "years old" behind it, but at a certain decade it changes to "years young."  THAT IS SO MEAN!!!!

3.  Running makes you feel all young and good looking, until you have to walk past the high school and see all the actually young football players going into the gym, or see the girls cross country team take off on their run.

4.  You've completely get this quote: "When someone says 10 years ago and you still think the 90s."

5. You watch designers on Project Runway and go "I could totally do that! I'm young enough!"  And then realize they are eight years younger than you.

6.  Shawn and Gus are no longer older than you (you have noticed they don't age, right?).

7.  You remember ALL the original Law & Order people from growing up, and suddenly realize the only changing character, the chick A.D.A (Sam Waterson's sidekick), always stayed the same age, even when he didn't.

8.  Age brackets on surveys that lump 31-55 together.  Why?!

9.  Everything you try on is either too teen, or too mom.

10.  All your favorite college movies are either considered really stupid, or cult classics.

My list in no particular order, of things that made me feel old last week.  And yes, tv and movies play heavily into my life.

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