Thursday, September 12, 2013

Geeking Out over Top Gear (America)

Mr. Curly and I don't try to hide the fact that we are car fans.

And we couldn't have been happier last night to sit down with our DVR and watch the season premiere of Top Gear (America).

Adam Ferrar is my favorite, hands down.  Rutledge is so down home and nice and funny.  Tanner is a show-offy little 20 something....

Or is he?

For some reason last night, we decided we needed to know our hosts a little better and discovered that Tanner is 40.
He looks 19.
He's 40.

I didn't even know what to do with that.  I mean, that means he was 17 with Days of Thunder was released, which might explain his Tom Cruise-ness, his awesome ability with cars (all teenagers in the 80's are better with cars than teenagers later, and yes, that means they are better than me).  It explains how much he has done, since his life isn't as short as I thought it was.

But as the show continued, I forgot my problem with his age (even laughing when Adam cracked a joke saying they had to convince the cops that Tanner was old enough to drive), and just enjoyed myself.

And then it came.  The ultimate fan moment.

When Adam legitimately won (because they all do an awful lot of cheating) the challenge.
They were supposed to get to Venice, CA first with a picture of themselves with a celebrity.  Rut didn't  find a celebrity, Tanner only found a look-alike.  But Adam.
Adam showed up on the beach, in his Dodge Viper, with Dolph Lundgren.

Commence total fangirl freak out.  Even Mr. Curly was wide-eyed, laughing, amazed.  DOLPH LUNDGREN.

Finest moment in Top Gear history EVER.

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