Friday, September 20, 2013

Living in the bathroom....

This isn't gross like the title sounds.  I just really couldn't think of anything else.

And before I even begin, please understand this: I am NOT complaining in anyway that my 2.5 yr old Curly Boy 2 decided to potty train himself just after his second birthday.  It was a huge blessing and I'm very very proud of him.  I also know he's a complete fluke and don't expect it from anybody else.

THAT being said, I REALLY wish he could figure out this clothes thing by himself!  My day sometimes FEELS (but isn't really) like this (my responses in italics):

Hey Mom, I just ate, I need to poop.  Ok, let's go to the bathroom.
I just took a drink, I need to pee.  Alright, go to the bathroom.

I"M PEEING!!! (because he doesn't know his verb tenses and he was playing hard and suddenly realized he really really really needs to go).  RUN TO THE BATHROOM.

I'm hungry.  You're not eating right now, the next meal will be soon.
I'm not hungry anymore.  I just made that food, please at least lick it.

I licked the food, I need to poop.  Go to the bathroom.
I took a drink, I need to pee.  Ok, go to the bathroom.

(repeat that cycle 3 or 4 times)

Let's go take a bath.  OK!!  Go to the bathroom.  Come on, let's hurry.  Bath water is getting cold.
Let's pee.  No.  YES, go potty BEFORE you get in the tub.  Ok.
Alright, out of the tub.  I have to potty.  Ok.
Time for bed.  I have to potty.  You just did.  I need to again.  Hurry then.
Alright, here's your kiss goodnight, I love you.  I love you too.  I need to potty.

It feels like we spend a good part of every hour walking back and forth to the bathroom.
But in-between the bathroom times we read, we play, we have fun, I clean, he makes messes, we grow.

But I really REALLY wish he could figure this clothes thing out!

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