Friday, September 6, 2013

Cooking with Chef Pig!

I love bierocks, or runzas, whatever you want to call them.  (Admit it, you still really think of them as Trojan Surprise*!)

My husband does not.  He prefers ham and creamy potatoes.  Homemade chicken and noodles over potatoes.  Steak and potatoes.  Careful, honey, your Irish is showing!

But despite Mr. Curly's Irish, I made bierocks last night.

And I used cinnamon roll dough (minus the cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar) to make the little roll pocket that I filled with ground beef, cabbage and onion.

They were fantastic.  (And that is my Doctor Who showing, as I haven't called so many things fantastic ever in my life until watching the 9th Doctor for the past few weeks.)
Curly Boy loved them; Curly Girl tolerated them; Curly Boy 2, well, he's hard to please; and Mr. Curly had seconds, even though he had to add ketchup because he felt they were missing a gravy.

Add peaches and peas, and I feel I made a rather nice meal.
Yep, this post is just to brag about that.

*Trojan Surprise - a weekly staple at my high school, you never knew if they were going to be filled with beef and cabbage or ham and cheese, but they were always delicious!

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betafish06 said...

sounds a bit like fleish kelkla or pastys lol.. the pastys r upper penninsula of mi and fleish keikla are my grandmas old recipe. they were fried tho ;p