Monday, May 6, 2013

Sympathy Nesting Pains

I have THREE friends pregnant right now - my SIL due in June, and two friends here in my town due in September within days of each other.

And I'm experiencing sympathy nesting for them all!

Friday all the bedrooms got cleaned.  Which is on the cleaning schedule.  But it also meant completely re-doing the linens in my room (bedding, covers on the box springs, curtains, everything!).  No new stuff bought, just pulled out curtains that we haven't used since the first year of marriage. And they go perfectly with the "new" design I want in our room!
So now, my "clean" bedroom has 2 tubs of curtains and blankets waiting to go back up to the attic.  I can't move them to the hallway, because it was 2 tubs of clothes waiting to go up!  Yes, I know, I need to start walking those stairs!

And then Saturday, I woke up, showered, began baking, planned all my meals for this week - all before 9:30!  But that wasn't enough, so I decided to wash all the curtains in the house (minus my bedroom, 'cause I had just washed those to put new ones up).  And then decided all the woodwork needed to be polished. 
Not ALL the woodwork got done, but the dining room did, and I'll do the living room next weekend.  And maybe the bedrooms the weekend after that. 
It is amazing what a good coat of Old English polish will do for 100 year old woodwork!  We have a basement door that looks practically new!

I promise, I'm done with the exclamation marks.  But probably not the cleaning.  I even took down the light cover from the dining room to wash it.  And washed the windows.  Which just proved that I REALLY need to get outside, get the storm windows off the house, and wash the outside of my windows too.
Mr. Curly was joking that I only did it so that when we hit our 10 year anniversary this summer he can't say "In 10 years my wife never dusted or washed a window." (2 things I hate even more than vacuuming.)

I'm completely blaming the pregnant friends.  Otherwise, I'd just have to admit that for all these years, my Mom was right.  A clean house makes a great home.  Love you, Mom!

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