Thursday, May 2, 2013


I just could not bear to part with my children's baby blankets.  My momma's heart just cried at the fact that they were all in boxes in the attic.  My "you have to stop hoarding now!" side was bucking to get rid of those boxes.

The two sides ended up, after a long debate, at a rather lovely compromise.  The baby blankets are out of the attic, hacked to pieces, and yet, still wonderfully usable.

This is a vintage propeller quilt design.  Here it is lying on our full size bed.  It still needs backing and binding, and I want to hand quilt it, but I'm SO in love with it already.

At one point I mentioned to Mr. Curly that it was going to be a "sick blanket," meaning, it would only get used when you were sick.  Because, really, what is more comforting than a baby blanket?  Why a homemade quilt made entirely out of baby blankets of course!

But now that it is done, I just don't know.  It might end up on my bed for awhile.

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Jen S said...

One of my favorite quilts is one that my mom made of left over fabric from when she made me dresses as a kid. It's fun to see all the dresses' patterns and remember what they were for.