Thursday, May 30, 2013

Little Tiny Food

I am the first to lament the amount of toys my children have.  My friends and I often commiserate at playdate that we enjoy giving our children things, but honestly, what do you give a child whose room is overflowing.

I know I JUST cleaned out their rooms, but I just couldn't help myself.  Yesterday afternoon, during quiet time, I made this:

I was really hating how much food packaging I was putting in the recycle bin.  All that cardboard - it MUST be good for something! 
And after cleaning up Curly Girl's kitchen stuff and realizing she had only yogurt and butter tubs as play food (besides a few felt things I made her at Easter and some plastic eggs), I decided I could keep some of that food packaging and repurpose it into something fun.

It was super easy.  Take a box.  Cut it down to size.  The easiest thing to do is use the bottom of the box and one side.  Cut out an extra side panel and the top of the box.  Use hot glue to attach.  A few of them I had to glue on the name because it wasn't near the bottom of the box.  The tallest box is the rice box, it is about 5 inches tall.    I need to do a little trimming on the edges, but I'm pretty happy with them.
I cut the sides off the flour and sugar bags, then glued them inside, this made them about half their size (after cutting off excess at the top as well.).

The best thing about this fun little tiny food is - they were FREE.  It was just recycling!  And when they get smashed.... well, I'm sure it won't be hard to replace.  We're still eating here after all.

My next project will be a puppet theater/pretend house front.  We have signs for the kids to play library, post office, vet, dr., grocery store, etc.... but our original house front collapsed when Curly Boy 2 tried to sit in it!  I'll have to pull down another big box from the attic for that project though.


faithfamilyandleadership said...

What a great idea! I love it.


faithfamilyandleadership said...

I love this idea! Way to go.