Wednesday, June 12, 2013

If Ariel had play clothes....

Curly Girl's friend had a birthday party Tuesday night.  We get together regularly with this family and one other for play date, and I've mentioned before the commiseration of SO MANY TOYS.

There are lots of fun little things to buy little girls - my little ponies that come with dvds, lalaloopsy dolls (which was the party theme), Barbie accessories, playhouse things.... These are all great gifts.  This little friend would've loved any single one of them.

But I wanted to be a bit more creative, so Curly Girl and I had a conversation about what her friend would like.  Curly Girl thought either slippers, or a princess dress.  The slippers would've probably been ok, but they are crochet, and this little friend is slightly picky about textures, so we moved on to the princess dress.

I'm a decent seamstress, but when it came to Curly Girl's Princess Ariel dress, I made my mom make it.
See - Puffy Sleeves

After convincing Curly Girl I couldn't replicate her princess dress, I used this idea I found on Pinterest of creating Princess-inspired play clothes.  (Seriously, go check out her super cute Cinderella and Snow White play clothes).
Knowing that this friend LOVED Ariel and the color pink (after we confirmed it with her mom), we created this outfit:

Pink shorts that I added ruffle to.
A pink tank top with silver dots that I put ruffled sleeves on.

Curly Girl will tell you it is ridiculous because the sleeves don't puff.  And I feel bad about that - but puffy sleeves are something I REALLY have to concentrate on, and after putting the sleeve on wrong the first time, and picking out a million tiny stitches, I went with a regular sleeve.
We threw in a tiara and a dollar store pink pearl necklace for good measure. 

I think it was a hit.  After opening all her presents at the party, the little friend had to go to the bathroom and change into her new outfit.  I'll call it good.

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