Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A day alone...

Friday Mr. Curly took all three kids fishing.  I spent 7 hours alone at home.  Guess what I did?

If you thought anything that included sleeping, eating, tv or pinterest, sorry.  I'm much more of a mom than that.

I cleaned.  For 6.5 hours, I cleaned my children's rooms.  Rather than talk you through it.  Here are the before and after pictures.




I moved their shelves to the empty closet space and added command hooks so I could hang up all those big tails those Curly Boys think they just have to have (and I love to make, honestly)!
Our "we're going out" center - hats, coats, shoes - and oh yeah, any dirty laundry from the day!

I used command hooks to hang that pink basket just a few inches
off the floor.  All Curly Girl's pots and pans are under it, food in it,
dishes stacked on top.  It looks SO CUTE!

Another 'head out the door" center.  Curly Girl LOVES having a designated place to keep her slippers!
 We are now all set for a summer of fun!  I'm hoping this new organizational system will help my kids clean their rooms quickly so we can move on to just enjoying the free days!

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