Monday, February 18, 2013

Funny, ha ha?

I got way into pinterest valentine's this year.  Curly Girl made butterfly and superhero suckers for all her friends (30 in all!  I couldn't believe it!)  Curly Boy made robots, though we changed to a much simpler design than what he originally chose, they were completely him and all his friends got candy.  And Curly Baby even gave out "bear hugs" (packages of teddy grahams).

I myself even made homemade valentines.  In our house, the kids give to everybody, while Mr. Curly gives to Curly Girl and I give to the boys.  So here's what my boys received this year.

This for Curly Boy - my local whale expert.

This for Curly Baby, who has recently become monkey obsessed.

And for our local bearded man.

While none of these ideas were mine, I did free hand draw and cut and glue each one of them.  I have to say - having preschoolers has definitely improved my artistic abilities!

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