Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Girl's Day Out

Curly Girl had been begging me for some time with her without the boys, so Saturday we took a Girl's Day out.  We visited a local Art Gallery, ate some frozen custard at Culvers, spent her leftover Christmas money, and then she bought me dinner at McDonalds.  Here are pictures from our Art Gallery Day!

Contemplating blown glass sculptures.  When she heard Papa could do this, and you could watch it be done at Silver Dollar City (where Grandad likes to visit), she insisted we watch a demonstration of this some time!

Curly Girl was sure this really old classical painting (130 years old) was of Mary and Baby Jesus.

They had a hands-on art section where Curly Girl built people out of different blocks.  Some had ears, some eyes.  Some were shaped like duck's bodies or feet. 

And then a Massive Curly Girl was created on the giant dry erase board.

The hands-on section also had a magnet wall, a mirror to do a self-portrait, light up center, 6 foot tall lego house to build on, and computers with art programs.  We spent a majority of our time there.  Perfect place for my little budding artist!

And now, some of our favorite art work.

Curly Girl's favorite, simply titled Horse #36 by Michael Eastman.
Curly Girl wants a copy of this to hang over her bed.

Blush Edge by Keith Jacobshagen (who lived in Wichita, KS before moving to Nebraksa!)

A close up of the elevators - look at that detail in a 6 ft wide painting!

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