Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Have We Become?

Does anybody remember the Scott Peterson case?  In 2002 he was accused of murdering his pregnant wife Lacey.
Around the same time I remember reading about a mother who drowned her 5 children in the bathtub.

That's about the time I quit watching the news on a regular basis.

I would read CNN or MSN, I'd listen to the radio.  I did try to keep up on current events, but I refused to bring that sadness and horror into my life every single day.
For the past year or so, I've tried to pay more attention to the world around me.  I attempt to watch the news and read the paper.

It makes me so sad.

Today my brother shared this article from CNN.  It is a mom blogging about why she refuses to teach her children about God.

After reading it, in tears about how truly lost and sad this mother is (I can't imagine living each life with such hopelessness, even though she believes it is a better hope), what keeps going through my head is the old school DC Talk song "What Have We Become."

The response I sent to my brother about this article was this (and you'll have to read the CNN article for this to make sense):

Belief systems don't stay at home like a toothbrush, they are part of us. So my belief in God goes with me wherever I go - it affects everything I do, every day. And her belief that there is nothing goes with her every single day, and effects everything she does every single day.

The news, the blogs I read, the things that happen each and every day, just make me more determined that my children will be raised knowing a loving and personal God.  I am more determined to instill in them a sense of Godliness, contentment and character - because we can't let the world continue in this delusion that there is no love and hope to be found.

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