Thursday, January 17, 2013

I told you sew!

When Evie opened her own sewing kit Christmas morning, she told it was boring and the worst Christmas gift ever.

I couldn't really blame her.  She didn't ask for it, and so far that Christmas morning she hadn't opened a Purple Pony or a Rapunzel doll (her two big wish items).  AND, when I was six and my dad made me a bookshelf for my birthday, I told him it was the worst gift to give a little girl.  I think I thought it was going to be a kitchen that I had asked for.  It was BIG after all.
I got over that - I LOVE that bookshelf, and now my children use it for all their books.

Still, it rather hurt my feelings, her honesty did.

But about 2 weeks later, she spent 3 hours one day doing things like this:

She then learned how to pull all the stitches out and start over with new yarn and multiple buttons.  It warms my crafty little heart.

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