Friday, January 4, 2013

As the world turns....

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives....  (Check out a great little Soap song by Carmen here - LOVE this song, so nostalgic for me!)

So after my quick Thursday post about possibly doing a new year post, I decided to write a new year's post!  Just like last year, I'm the last blogger to get a new year's post written!

I've read a lot of blogs this past week listing goals and intentions, plans and projects. Usually at this point I would say "I don't really have any goals set...." except that I do.

Goals - (in no particular order)
1. Run a 5K.  I'm currently in training for this, you can read some of those posts here.

2. Read through my Bible in a year.  I'm following this plan put together by the Faith Baptist College and Theological Seminary.  The LIFT ladies handed out bookmarks for this plan, and since I've never read through my Bible, much less done it in a year, I thought this would be a good place to start.  Plus, knowing that my LIFT ladies are doing the same challenge encourages me.

3. Help my family be more consistent in chores and healthy eating choices.  To do this, I'm following the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home plan and.... well, I don't have a plan for healthy eating choices.  Though Mr. Curly and I have talked about adding veggie trays to our pizza and nacho nights, hoping that snacking on the good foods while the bad foods cook will help us eat less bad food.  It's an idea, right?

4. Remember that I was a wife before I was a mother, and a friend before I was a wife.  This sounds odd, doesn't it?  Most moms are striving to be more and more connected with their kids, more present, more accessible, more pinterest-y.... and I want to be those things.  But this year Mr. Curly and I will have been married 10 years and I love him to death.  He's still my best friend, the one who can make me laugh even when I don't want to, the one who holds me when I cry, is strong when I am weak, and who encourages me to be stronger than I think possible.  And I want that to continue.  I want that for the next 100 years.  So while I'm organizing our home, and making better food choices, and keeping up on chores, and planning all sorts of things fun for the kids, I'm going to remember that before their was a Mr. and Mrs. Curly, there was just two college kids, hanging out in the box (My MNU buddies will totally get this), eating pizza and ice cream, watching movies and quoting songs to each other.

Whew. That seems like a lot already, right?  But, wait, there's more!  I'm also joining another blog - The Bible In a Year and Beyond!  Their button is at the right, and I will be contributing to this every other Monday, working through several books in the Bible with an in depth study.  That site is also following the same reading plan my LIFT group is (thanks Tammy for taking that suggestion!), so I have extra encouragement there. 
This blog has already been challenging to me, as I'm planning my post for Monday on Esther 4, but it is a good challenge.  So while I challenge my body to run harder and faster, I'm now challenging my spiritual knowledge and writing skills to grow and expand. 

So, yeah, I have goals again this year!  Lots of them! And whether I meet them all or not... the beat will go on.

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