Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And you're missing it, BOB!!!

Curly Baby is ADORABLE!!!!  The other night, he ran back and forth through the kitchen and dining room with a flashlight, laughing and screaming with delight.  The lights were off and he was chasing monsters!

He does so many cute things.  Things I remember Curly Girl doing.  But for the life of me, I can't remember when Curly Boy did those things.

I sat for awhile, watching Curly Baby, racking my brain for something cute Curly Boy did at that age.  And then I remembered why I draw such a blank of that time (approximately 22 months of age) - When Curly Boy was 22 months old, I was 6 months pregnant.  I spent every night packing up our house, and every weekend travelling a 6 hour round trip to a town in Iowa that we were planning on moving to full time.
I was stressed, I was tired, and we had a whole lot of stuff going on.

It makes me sad.  I feel like so much of Curly Boy's early life was spent with stressed out, worried, busy parents.
It makes me wonder if that isn't why we have the frustrating times where we just can't communicate with him.

It also makes me want to try harder to spend time just with him before he starts preschool next year.  It makes me try to treasure the fun-loving moments and not worry so much about the hard, teaching moments, when I'm sure he's going to hate me forever because I have to lay down the law.

I know he loves me - he tells me that 20 times a day.  I hope we both remember it as he grows.

Post title from The Incredibles.

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