Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wasting time....

Honestly, this post is just a time waster.  We have 15 minutes until lunch, my kids are busy, and I'm bored.  I can't start my new book, because I need to interact with my kids at lunch, not sit and read while they eat.  I can't clean, because, well, yeah, I could clean, but for only 15 minutes?  Come on, I'd get hardly nothing done.

And today is Tuesday.  Which means it is living room/dining room day.  And because it is the week before I decorate for Christmas it is also a huge organizing day.  So while I clean today I'm also going to reorganize the movies, and my desk, and maybe the furniture if I can think of a good way to do it!

I could help my kids with their Christmas crafts, but 15 minutes is just enough to make a mess on the dining room table that we need in 15 minutes to eat lunch!

So instead, I'll fill out this great list (found on pinterest of course)


Listening: Sid the Science Kids. (Yes, my kids 'busy' includes tv time)
Loving: My LIFT buzz (new cloth diapers to try out today, as well as a towel cleaning tip, a great obedience lesson, and some girl talk!)
Thinking: About getting a haircut - what should I do?
Wanting: A pepsi
Needing: An afternoon off!
I must have today: My lunch, my boys to nap, my husband home for the evening!

And now, I should probably go make lunch for my kiddos.  And find something decently healthy for me.  Which may or may not include that pepsi I've been wanting.....

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