Friday, November 30, 2012

Keep runnin', runnin'....

Since the weather turned cold, I've been running circles in our basement.  Our basement is split in two - storage area, and fellowship hall for our church (one of the, um, perks, of living in an old parsonage is that when the church was built, they just put the fellowship hall in the parsonage basement.  It's not bad really, I've cleared it of tables and chairs to give the kids a place to run and ride their bikes this winter.  So, yeah, maybe it is a perk).

Let me tell you, running circles in a basement is not that fun.  It isn't a big circle, so you can get bored and dizzy easily.  So I started saving my paper route money in hopes of finding a treadmill on craigslist or something.

After a week at the in-laws running on a treadmill, I posted this on facebook (where everybody disagreed with me):

The person who said it was easier to run outside than on a treadmill should've been forced to prove that as fact.

While on my in-laws treadmill, I discovered that my speed is anything BUT consistent.  I had no idea how much I sped up and slowed down during my running times! Being forced to stay at one speed really worked me out.

I'm not entirely sure that I like that much of a challenge, but it probably is good for me, so I continued my search for a treadmill.  And yesterday, I hit gold.

We had some time to kill before playdate (our errand running didn't take as long as I had planned for), so we stopped at Goodwill.  This may seem odd, but I had hopes of either finding a) another 100% wool sweater to make into diaper covers or b) a good record for our newly refurbished record player.

While searching the records (in which I scored a complete copy of Handels Messiah for $2), I turned to see Curly Baby attempting to climb a treadmill.  A treadmill for $50!
2 phone calls, 10 minutes, and $50 later, I was the proud new owner of a Lifestyler Expanse 600!

Mr. Curly went and picked it up for me.  I took 11 trips up 2 flights of stairs to move our boxes from the basement to the attic, and voila!  Storage area, now a work out area.  Mr. Curly said he'd even set up a TV for me down there!

So this morning, I ran on my treadmill and discovered it needs some carpet under it (the cement floor is uneven, and makes it LOUD), and that, yes, my speed is still inconsistent.  However, theoretically, I burned 315 calories and 99 fat calories, ran/walked for 32 minutes, and went 1.85 miles. 
Not bad.  Not great, but not bad.  And at least I'm not getting dizzy.

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