Monday, December 3, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

(some of you may have already read this as it posted before it was completed, so here is the true version!)

It is absolutely wonderful to walk into a store, hear "It's the most wonderful time of the year" and have my Curly Boy say "Hey, Momma!  This is the song that you sing!"

I do sing that song - almost all year round, changing the words to fit the occassion.  But I truly love to sing it while hanging lights and decorating the tree, while facing the crowded stores and planning the events we'll attend, while writing the Christmas letter and addressing envelopes.....

Because it's Christmas!!!

Saturday our church held a decorating party, which I missed due to Curly Boy coming down with the virus Curly Girl just got rid of. Mr. Curly and Curly Girl had a good time though setting up two trees and hanging lights and eating all the rice krispie treats I made along with a few others from our church.

We were supposed to leave the kids with a babysitter that afternoon and go do our Christmas shopping.  Instead, I left the kids with Mr. Curly and went and got our necessary, boring items at Sams so that on Wednesday (hopefully) we can go out on a little meal/shopping date.

THEN, as if I hadn't made Mr. Curly do enough Christmas-y things without me, he took Curly Girl and Baby to the town's Light Parade!
Last year was AMAZING, there was a foot of snow on the ground, and it was still snowing all during the parade.  So pretty.
2011 Christmas Light Parade
This year the weather was a lot nicer for being out, and I'm told the displays were wonderful as always, but it felt weird not to be there as a family.

And of course, there is the Christmas movies.  My favorite shot from the BEST (though most depressing) Christmas movie of all time:

It truly is a Wonderful Life.  And if you can't handle Jimmy Stewart (and if you can't, I don't want to know, he was spectacular!) try the VeggieTales version "It's a Meaningful Life."  So cute.

So as we continue into the Christmas season - God rest ye merry, gentlemen!

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