Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NaNo - no more?

Oh. my. goodness.  I rarely resort to using that many periods in a sentence but there is just no other way to express myself in a g rating right now.

I started NaNoWriMo.  Did really good the first day.  Restarted my novel the second day.  The third day got no writing done at all due to church projects and visitors and the fourth day Mr. Curly and Curly Boy got sick.  The fourth day I planned another rewrite (I'm boring MYSELF with my novel this year, never good when you're only 4 days in), but on the fifth day Curly Baby got sick.

So here we are, on the sixth day and I have about 200 words written. 

I continuously lament the death of the written word (did you know 2/3 of our world can't or won't read?  Some people choose to be alliterate, meaning they can read, but they don't want to).  I mean, Windows 8 has a picture passcode (no longer a word) now for crying out loud!
So if I'm going to lament it, I should do my best to pass it on, to keep it going....

But NaNoWriMo this year?  I don't see it happening.  I have 2 weeks until Thanksgiving, when I'll be handing out Christmas gifts to Mr. Curly's family and about 10 more gifts to create for that deadline alone!  Not to mention everything I'm making for my family's Christmas get-together.

I just feel overwhelmed with things to do - keep the house up, keep cooking (because it is way cheaper than eating out), keep running (because I feel so much better health-wise and I am way less anxious when I exercise in the mornings), keep crafting (to save money on Christmas gifts), keep home-schooling (because Curly Boy loves it way more than I thought he would!).... and late nights writing mean more junk food, more caffeine, which leads to poorer sleep when I do get it, and bad exercise days, which leads to more anxiety...

I'm a mess, I know.

So, while tomorrow I may open Yarny back up and try again, I'm not pushing it.  I really REALLY wanted to get over 30,000 words this year.  But I really REALLY don't want to be a horrible, caffeinated, zombie monster to do it.


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