Monday, October 29, 2012

A little Halloween preview

We never did Halloween growing up. I can only remember 2 years wearing costumes to school.  There was a church Halloween party once.  But usually my mom bought a ton of candy, apples and caramel, and we'd stay home and watch movies.  It was fun, I enjoyed it.
Mr. Curly, on the other hand, had very traditional Halloweens.  Costumes, trick or treating, the whole nine yards.  So we do too, kind of.  We limit the trick or treating right now, our kids are little after all, and we guide them in costumes (which we will always do, those "sexy" costumes are ridiculous).
This year, Curly Boy went back and forth between a crocodile and batman, finally settling on Crocodile (with angry blue eyes, red tummy, and red spikes down his back).  Here is Curly Girl and I holding him in place for a picture of his completely homemade costume:

Curly Baby is Peter Pan, though once the outfit was all together, it looked more like Robin Hood.  Anyway, he's a guy in green with a little knife belt and felt knife and a cute little hat with a felt red feather.

Curly Girl decided she wanted to be a pink tinkerbell.  This picture is from her birthday party.  Being just a month before Halloween, she has always had a themed outfit to wear for her birthdays (1st birthday - lions, 2nd - fish, 3rd - Dorothy, 4th - Ariel, 5th- TinkerBell).  Mr. Curly's aunt made this outfit out of leftover material she had from ice skating costumes.  It is SO fantastic, and we re-used those brand new tights and expensive dance shoes from her dance class!  The leaves in her hair were part of the party favors - leaf crowns for all the fairies at the Great Fairy Campfire birthday party we had.

And then we carved pumpkins.  Top Row - Mr. Curly, Mine.  Bottom Row - Curly Baby's, Curly Girl's (She came up with that face all on her own!  And helped Curly Baby with his tiny face), Curly Boy's.  

Curly Baby's has a bigger face on the other side.  Shortly after these were placed outside Curly Girl's rotted and fell over, so she got to do another one.  She chose a bigger pumpkin and put 6 eyes and a smiley mouth on it.

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