Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The First Day of School


Curly Girl is a complete social butterfly.  We took pictures before leaving for school, but once we got there, we practically had to hold her down for pictures with Mr. Curly and I - she wanted to go make friends!

 (waiting for Daddy to get the car home so we can go to school!)

All she would tell me about when we picked her up was that she didn't like gym.  In gym they threw puff balls that were squeezy, and bounced basketballs, and she didn't like it.  She did like the snack (apples and milk), and she didn't like mat time, because she wasn't allowed to sit next to "the pink girl" (who is her new friend, but she doesn't know her name).

She is such a crack up!

Curly Boy and I started preschool here at home as well.  He held his marker correctly for about 30 seconds before I said "ok, let's just practice getting our lines straight.  He enjoyed the pages with animals on them, like building squares with Popsicle sticks and even managed to copy a pattern with beads and pipe cleaners.  It didn't just light him up the way Curly Girl would though when I got things out.  I'm definitely going to have to come up with more movement and visual activities - in Sunday School he remembers Bible verses he moves to, and stories he can lay out with pictures.  Which means the patterns are good, but sitting and practicing holding his pencil isn't so fun.

Mr. Curly had a great idea of laying out giant patterns on the living room floor using yarn and letting him run his shapes and letters - I think we'll give that a shot tomorrow!  After all, his favorite song at church is "Running, running, to our church!"

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