Monday, September 10, 2012

Since I've turned....

Mr. Curly is just a few months younger than me, so a couple of weeks ago, we celebrated his birthday.  He is now the same age as my dreaded age.

And here's what has happened:
Since my birthday I have drank entirely too much pepsi, snacked nearly every night, stopped doing my "extra" exercises (stuff beyond the daily paper route), over slept nearly every day, have had problems staying up with my cleaning schedule, and routinely forget things EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE ON MY SHOPPING LIST.

Since Mr. Curly's birthday he has exercised more regularly, done a better job of staying on schedule at work, kept up with not one, but TWO online classes (one a graduate class he is adjunct of), snacked less, ate better, slept more, gotten up on time.

What has happened here?!  How is it that he ages and does great and I age and fall apart?!

Mr. Curly is very generous and points out that since my birthday  I haven't slept through a single solitary night.  Which is true, but I wasn't sleeping through the night before that either.

Last week was Curly Girl's first week of public preschool. And Curly Boy's first week of homeschool preschool.

I was late picking up Curly Girl every day.  Curly Boy and I only did school two days.  I forgot to call my worship team with a time to practice on Thursday (I totally forgot we were supposed to practice until 11:00 that night).  One night we ate out because the only thing I could think of for supper was something I dubbed "Taco dogs" (Taco fixings on a hot dog bun, Mr. Curly politely suggested he take us out to eat that night).
My house, while slightly more clean, was suffering from trying to get used to a new cleaning schedule.
Saturday when Mr. Curly got home from an odd job, I packed a lunch and left the house for almost 2 hours because I was just completely falling apart.

I knew aging was bad for me.

But I refuse to give into it!  New goals:
  • Walk 3 mornings a week - I have a nice friend who has offered to get up early each morning so we can go walking at 6a.m.
  • Only snack on Friday and Saturday nights.  - Here's the deal - I'm awful with diets.  The minute you restrict me I just want more food.  But if I can say "No" to a food Sun-Thurs night, then Friday and Saturday I think it will be ok to snack.
  • Keep up with the new cleaning schedule - I think it will work, there is promise here.
  • Wake the boys up from naps earlier - This way we can make it to Curly Girl earlier to pick her up from school
  • Find SOME way to engage Curly Boy.  He wants school, he does, but we haven't found that thing that just lights him up yet.  It is there somewhere, I know it!
  • Work on that book!  I have the first draft of my book done.  I am editing/adding using pen and paper rather than trying to do it at  This allows me to edit it at random moments during the day without once again turning my back on my family.  This book will happen - it will!
I appreciate those of you who follow along with this blog, either cheering from the sidelines, or watch with the feeling like it is kind of like watching a train wreck - it is horrendous, and yet, you can't look away. :)

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