Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting ready for school!

I'm taking a little break on Monday afternoon (this will post tomorrow morning) to blog about what I'm doing today....

I am getting ready for the first day of school!

I had to find "accident" clothes for Curly Girl to keep at school.  It was harder than I thought - something that fits, looks decent, but she won't miss if it isn't here.... we're so blessed to have plenty to choose from for her!

I started copying coloring and workbook pages for Curly Boy, as he is excited to start school with me tomorrow.  It will be an interesting first day.  With Curly Girl, we just plopped on the floor and began.  I'm giving Curly Boy his choice of where to sit - couch with TV tray, floor, dining room table, or little desk in the corner (to be fair, Curly Girl had all these choices, she just preferred the living room floor).  And once we're "settled" we have to see what he wants to start with!
Curly Girl was great with "we're going to do this, then this, then this" and she usually chose what to start with, we'll see how Curly Boy does when given so many options!

I am rearranging our "display" corner to include a calendar and to make room for the many art projects I'm expecting Curly Girl to bring home (she will also begin art classes at the Art Center next week).  Currently our display corner holds a Prayer poem to remind us how to pray and 2 pictures of whales - one of Curly Girl's and one of Curly Boy's.  But they have been up there for awhile, so down they come to make room for the newest creations.

I am not only making lesson plans for Curly Boy, but I'm also already preparing for the days Curly Girl has off - putting together letter beads and counting games for her to do while Curly Boy does school.

I need to clean out and organize our homeschool basket so Curly Boy can get to all his supplies and find his papers.  We may need to buy a new folder!  I believe Curly Girl bogarted last years folder to use for her princess pictures!

So I should get back to work.  Are you waiting with bated breath to see how the first day of school went?

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