Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh what a beautiful morning...

Today is absolutely gorgeous.  72 degrees, breezy, sunny - it is SO Stinkin' beautiful!

Curly Boy had his last swim lesson today.  He did so great.  The first day (two weeks ago) we had to promise him ice cream if he would go with his teacher and not cry.
After meeting his teacher, he was in Lu-uhve!  Every day he woke up excited to see Miss K - to show Miss K what he could do - to have Miss K help him swim across the pool.

The fourth day we promised him M&Ms if he would put his face in the water when they played Ring Around the Rosie.  It was a great game - instead of "all fall down" they would say "We all blow bubbles" and they would stick their faces in the pool.
Curly Boy didn't want to do it because "mama says not to drink the water."  But once we explained that the swimming pool was fine to put your face in (and gave the promise of M&Ms) he did great.

And then we spent time out in the yard.  I am so loving our yard.  And Curly Baby has learned to climb up the slide and just has a blast running with his little golf set.  Today we played frisbee and basketball.

This weather makes me want to pull out the fall clothes and go school shopping.
Considering it is only August 12, the fall clothes might be a little early.  But tomorrow, while the boys nap, I think I'll leave Mr. Curly in charge and take Curly Girl out to pick up her school supplies.

Waiting for the boys to wake up from their naps (Curly Girl is currently painting pictures in the newspaper) so we can deliver today's paper.  It is going to be a gorgeous walk.  I'm thinking of letting Curly Baby out of the stroller!

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