Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Facebook Break

I have NEVER taken a break from facebook.  I have never unplugged for a certain amount of time.  I have never thought that technology was taking away from my reality.

But I had found myself increasingly annoyed every time I logged into facebook - something I would do for a little break or breather several times a day.  It was really getting ridiculous.  These people are supposed to be my friends and family, right? I love them, right? So why the annoyance?

It led to this most recent facebook break.

I announced my facebook break on facebook, of course, in case any of my friends who regularly contact me that way wanted to get ahold of me.  I did this on a Saturday afternoon.  I checked my messages one more time that night before I went to bed - and then I stopped.

Sunday was easy.  Sunday I was busy Busy BUSY prepping, cooking, typing, powerpointing.... all for my Missions World Tour that night.  And then I was decompressing by eating the leftover lamingtons (cake and icing from Australia) and watching TV while my kids were at some other church's VBS.

But Monday.  Monday things got surprisingly tough!  Not because I wanted to read my friends updates, or troll their pics - but because I wanted to post about the cute thing my sons did, or expression my daughter had used, or my frustration about whatever had just happened.  I wanted to be heard, and had no place to be heard, since I was taking a facebook break.

Today isn't much easier.  My kids are being semi-cute (though Curly Baby is REALLY clingy since he learned he can't climb the ladder to the top of the new bunk beds and feels VERY left out), my house is a disaster (removing a twin bed, a crib and a changing table from a room to replace it with bunk beds and one dresser can make it seem like you've moved all over again) and I can't wait for nap time.  But I know I need to stay away from facebook, and I'm a little bummed at my inability to share.

And we're supposed to have a playdate this week!  How can I plan my playdate with out facebook messages?

But I sallyforth, into the land of no facebook, hoping that by taking a break, by fixing my house, by working into our school (yikes - Curly Girl starts preschool in a month!) schedule, that when I return, I'll know what the real issue is behind my annoyance.  I'll have figured out what is flaring up inside ME.  Because I can't fix everybody else, but I can fix ME, with the grace and strength of God, I'll figure it out.

Until then, instead of music I'm listening to Bible mp3's, I'm trying to read to my kids more, and remember why I was so joyfully excited to be a stay at home mom in the first place.

So, for my facebook friends who read this without prompting - I'll see you soon.  And hopefully, I'll see you from a happier, healthier state.

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Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you. The discipline you are showing by not going to something that takes time away from whatever you should be doing, is a step forward. When I am annoyed at the things on facebook, I realize, I am the one who has allowed those things to be posted on my news feed, by accepting them as friends. I can do 1 of 2 things, either pray for them or "hide" their stories. Unfortunately, at times I find it easier to just "hide" them and move on. I need to take the time to pray for them, instead.
Hang in there, you are going in the right direction.