Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What I love and hate about blogs

Did you know I LOVE to share?  My personal thoughts and feelings are what I'm discussing here.

I'm an interesting oxymoronic person.  I love to share, I do.  But I am extremely picky who I share with - I don't just open up to anyone. 

So it is interesting to see comments once I post a blog sharing contradicting thoughts.

While God had already talked to me about the "content one day, ranting the next" blogs I had been posting, I enjoyed my SIL's comment of "Go back and read your blog from a few days ago."

I find in life, and I'm told this happens to many people, that about the time you start telling people how happy you are to be doing something for God, you're reminded of all the things you wanted to do for yourself that still haven't been accomplished.
And I'm pretty sure that's what happened to me.

As I said here, I'm surprised to find how happy I am to be involved in area's of ministry I never thought I would do.
But there are so many other things I would like to do.

While I'm a little sad that in several years I will lose all my children to school 8 hours a day, I'm also kind of excited about what that will mean for me.  Free time to clean and keep things clean, time to cook meals that take more prep time than I usually have, maybe a part time job to have some fun money.  Or maybe I'll go back to school.  After all, I was supposed to get my master's after Mr. Curly got his, but then I got pregnant, and then we moved, and then I got pregnant, and we bought a house, and then I got pregnant and then we moved...

Needless to say, I won't be getting pregnant again.  It seems to bring on moves.

So for now, I focus on being content.  And writing my Sunday School and missions lessons.  And creating worship time for our church.  And keeping my house clean.  Which I've also blogged about recently.  I'm making decent progress on that list, for those who care.

So for those who read and comment, thank you.  And for those who read and pray for me, thank you.  And for those who read and scoff, or laugh, or have thoughts that they don't share, thank you.  At least I know I'm being read.

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